The launch of other other

Published on:
May 21, 2022

Born from experience in print publishing and storytelling, other other will help amplify stories of design, culture, and sport through books, tabloids, publications, and films. This one started a few years back with a small, local publication and the desire to help others tell their own stories.

We want our books to end up on coffee tables, independent book stores, and to be a place you go for inspiration. But we also want our books to end up in libraries around the world to educate and connect.

Stories that are posted last a few days, weeks maybe, yet stories that are filmed or printed last a lifetime. This studio will blur those lines while giving photographers, designers, architects, videographers, and many others a platform to tell important stories.

The first book that other other will publish is a book by Joladé Olusanya that combines photography and poetry. If you follow us on social and are signed up for our newsletter, you’ll get to know Joladé over the next few months as we peel back the layers to his work and who he is as an artist.

In July, we’ll open up other other to submissions for future projects and Spaces. We want to explore that intersection between digital andIRL experiences, and Spaces is where that initiative will live.

The exciting thing about other other is that our focus is on the story, first and foremost. If people need to read it, we’ll publish it. If people need to watch it, we’ll film it. If people need to experience it, we’ll open up spaces.  

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