Joladé Olusanya to Release Debut Book

Published on:
May 21, 2022

Photographer, poet, and filmmaker Joladé Olusanya is set to release his first book. The book is a collection of poems and photographs that challenge the reader to pause and reflect on the world around them.

Joladé's work has been featured in various publications and exhibitions around the world, and this book will give readers a glimpse into his heart for the world. One that you've likely crossed paths with. His photographs are honest and unpretentious, giving you a fresh perspective on life, while showing you how his story has influenced his work to date.

"Moving to Nigeria at a young age put me in a world of loneliness for a long time. I was the eldest sibling in a country where electricity was a scarce thing in our community. All I had was books. And from books came world building. I'd build fantasies from what I wished my life was like and the adventures I wanted to have."

Joladé Olusanya is an artist based in London whose work confronts you to take stock of who you are, and maybe more importantly, the moment you're in.

Learn more about the book and sign up for updates on the drop now.

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