Introducing Fleet Feet Omaha as Title Sponsor for The City We Run

Published on:
May 21, 2022

The City We Run is anchored completely in community, which is why we’re grateful for the support of Fleet Feet Omaha to make it a reality. They’re a brand that has built up and invested in the local running community for years and will support this project in a variety of ways.

If you’re new to other other, we’re an offshoot publishing studio that tells stories in the world of sport, design, and culture. This is just one of those stories.

The City We Run is a collaboration between other other and a documentary co., now sponsored by Fleet Feet Omaha, to document a group of runners through every street a car can drive in Omaha, Nebraska to better understand how and why cities are designed the way they are.

We’ll be working with Fleet Feet Omaha on a variety of initiatives throughout the course of the project. Get updates here to be the first to hear about community runs and more on the project.

Ps. tell Fleet Feet Omaha that The City We Run sent you for $10 off your next purchase in-store.

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