Raisa Gates to Release Book "Neptune Conjunct the Moon"

Published on:
February 16, 2022

Photographer and closet astrologer, Raisa Gates, is set to release her first book titled "Neptune Conjunct the Moon" later this year. The book combines Raisa's personal story with the relationship that Neptune has with the Moon.

The inspiration for the book started in 2020 when Raisa's father passed away, and she sold her belongings to start a new life abroad. As she began documenting her life on film, the images with her own reflections began to form what she though could be the start of a book.

Being a closet astrologer, Raisa started tracking her own planetary transits and found a profound correlation with Neptune transiting over her natal moon and the impact it had on her life in the last few years. She felt it was a great theme to blanket her work with.

"Neptune Conjunct the Moon" will be a coffee table book that features Raisa's stunning photography and personal journal entries. The book promises to be a unique and intimate reflection on the correlation between personal experiences and astrological events.

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